McQuillen Interactive is a small software development company specializing in efficient, targeted, web and desktop applications.

Simple, focused web and desktop applications.

Sometimes you need a web or desktop application to do a specific job well. You want a clean and professional user interface and perhaps even a well-crafted API. You want simple, practical, and effective.

You don't need a large team, a massive requirements doc or everything-and-this-nice-shiny-widget-too approach. You really want one person who can write efficient code and design a clean, usable user interface. McQuillen Interactive builds those kinds of apps.

Areas of Focus

McQuillen Interactive focuses on e-Learning and building energy simulation software. At the moment I'm building a custom Learning Management System for iBiology Courses. I also create desktop and web applications for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, including the IGSDB, CheckerTool and AERCalc software products. More information on those projects here.

McQuillen Interactive also builds visualization software, such as SimpleDiagrams, a little program you'll grow to love. For real. Go on and try it.